The Nemesis Backend Console is connected with the Nemesis Platform over your store’s REST. It is used to perform CRUD operations on the database entities.

Start the console

To start the console, first you need to know the address of the nemesis platform instance that you want to administer. Usually it’s localhost, but it could be also installed on some other server. Once you know the address, you can go on and change the properties in the appplication.properties file to point to address where the nemesis platform instance is installed:


The next step is to start the server:

mvn spring-boot:run


Once the server is started you can navigate you browser to http://localhost:8080/backend and the login screen will be presented to you.

Nemesis Backend Console Login Screen
Figure 1. Nemesis Backend Console Login Screen

The username/password are configured in the Nemesis Platform Instance towards which you are connected, the default being admin/nimda.

Technologies used

The Nemesis Backend Console is written with ECMAScript 6, over the link: React library. As a front-end framework is used Bootstrap, along with the React-Bootstrap components.

How to customize the console

The Nemesis Backend Console is built in such a way that it provides easy customization. You may completely alter the visualization of the components, as well as to add extra features to the separate screens. A set of customizations have already been done for you. All of the custom files are located in the custom_files directory. When customizing, you must follow the same convention.

The files that are located in the app directory must NOT be modified. They will be updated on each console’s update.

Learn more about the Nemesis Backend Console Components here