Console Components

Components overview

The Nemesis Backend Console consists of several components, each of them extending the React abstract base Component class. The main components are entities-navigation, entity-window, main-view and navigation-tree. Let’s have a closer view at each of them.

Entities-navigation components


The entities-navigation component is the area where each of the entity-navigation-item-s is shown. It is billed as react-bootstrap Nav element with pills style.

Nemesis Backend Console Entities Navigation Component
Figure 1. entities-navigation

Regardless of the order you choose an entity, by default they will be ordered alphabetically. The order is done based on the type of the entity. This is handled in the getGroupedEntities() function.


The entity-navigation-item component handles the logic of appearance for each entity you choose from the side navigation.

Nemesis Backend Console Entity Navigation Item Component
Figure 2. entity-navigation-item

When you open the Sitemap Page, for example, as shown on the picture above, you have the following options/information displayed:

1 shows the entity is of entitySearchType. When you click Entity search, the entity is displayed in the main window.
2 shows the entity is of entityCreateType. When you click the + sign in the navigation panel, you add a window for a new entity. The pop-up let’s you choose the type and the sub-type you want to create (try to create a new widget, for example). By default, it receives the [order of the entity to be created] - Create Entity code. Click on it to modify and save the changes you’ve made.
3 shows the code (custom one, you enter it) and the id (auto-generated) for the entity instance

Main view component

Called RESTs:

  • markup/search/all

  • markup/entity/all

The main-view component, as you may see from the picture below, functions as a wrapper of the information for the item you choose. By default, when you start the console, the custom admin dashboard is opened (we’ll talk later about it).

Nemesis Backend Console Main View Component
Figure 3. main-view

Called REST: /backend/navigation

The navigation-filter component handles the user’s input and lets the filtered on the given criteria entities to be displayed only. Your input is dependent on the language of the console. If it is in English, for example, a filtration condition in a different language will not match.

Nemesis Backend Console Navigation Filter Component
Figure 4. navigation-filter

The navigation-tree component holds the navigation-filter component and a collection of the navigation-tree-item components.

Nemesis Backend Console Navigation Tree Component
Figure 5. navigation-tree

The navigation-tree consists of different items. Each item may contain different sub-items from the same type. The inner level navigation item only is the one that can be opened/ created an instance of.

Nemesis Backend Console Navigation Tree Item Component
Figure 6. navigation-tree-item

As shown on the picture, we have a 3-level-structure of a navigation item. Commerce is a navigation-tree-item, containing instances of Catalog, Order, Price, Location and Leasing. They are navigation-tree-item-s again. Each of these, on an inner level, has its editable instances. The Manufacturer is also a navigation-tree-item.

Entity window components

There are 2 main components that build the Console’s entity window - the viewer panel for all entities - entities-viewer and the sections, applicable to the chosen entity - entity-sections.

You may customize the entity-window and add other components here as well.

Entities viewer

The entities-viewer consists of

  • filters and

  • results' view

Nemesis Backend Console Entities Viewer Window
Figure 7. entities-viewer


The filtration is done based on the criteria entered. If there is no customization, the returned JSON from the API call is visualized as shown on the picture.

Nemesis Backend Console Filters Window
Figure 8. filters

A custom filter may pre-populate filtration conditions (check the Custom filter in the Category entity).

Result viewer

The entities-result-viewer component handles the results of your entity search:

Nemesis Backend Console Entities Result Viewer Component
Figure 9. entities-result-viewer
Table viewer

The visualization of the results, in case there is no customization, is displayed in a table. The respective component is entities-table-viewer :

Nemesis Backend Console Entities Table Viewer Component
Figure 10. entities-table-viewer

You control the size of the displayed results via the pager’s value:. The respective component is entities-pager:

Nemesis Backend Console Entities Pager Component
Figure 11. entities-pager

Entity sections

  • entity-section

The entity-section visualizes the information, relevant for the exact entity, filtered on a condition. Each of the tabs opens a new entity-section:

Nemesis Backend Console Entity Section Component
Figure 12. entity-section
  • entity-sections

All sections, related to the entity, are united in a entity-sections component.

Nemesis Backend Console Entity Sections Component
Figure 13. entity-sections