Meet the Nemesis Platform

Here you'll find all the documentation and tutorials written by the Nemesis team. Start examining it by following the guides below.

To get aware of the Nemesis Platfotm architecture, start from HERE. Out of the box, you receive more than 120 modules. Check HERE which they are and how they can be integrated with your project. On the top of the Nemesis Platform, we have built several Sample stores to help you get started. The backend functionality and the CMS of each of the sample stores you can manage by the Backend console. You can also generate a new Nemesis Sample store, by clicking the button below.


Place for your JPA entities and Spring Data JPA repositories here


You create custom modules for the Nemesis Platform and place them here

Maven Plugin

The Nemesis Maven Plugin


This is the place where everything related to the view layer resides

Backend Console

The Backend Console to administer your website

Android SampleApp

The SampleApp Android application