JCaptcha stands for Java Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. This is an open source Java framework for captcha definition and integration.

The Jcaptcha module provides the user with the ability to integrate a captcha verification mechanism in his applicaiton.


The integration with the Nemesis platform is pretty straight-forward. Upon adding the module in the classpath,


In order for the module to be working as expected, there are set of configuration steps that need to be applied in the user application.

  • The jcaptcha-module needs to be added as a dependency

  • The jcaptcha tag needs to be added as a dependency to the login file

<%@ taglib prefix="jcaptcha" uri="" %>

After adding this line we can proceed with the captcha tag itself

<jcaptcha:form failedAttempts="2"/>

- The failedAttempts attribute here sets the amount of failed attempts which will trigger and show the captcha tag.
  • In the file of the application, needs to be added the url path for the jcaptcha servlet. This is done so that the pathLocaleFilter can pick up the selected path and exclude the locale from the url.


you will have access to several new properties you can use to customize its behaviour. All of them are located under the nemesis.captcha.jcaptcha domain. Please consult the JCaptcha documentation on what they mean and how to use them.