Open exchange rates is a popular free service that provides currency exchange rates. This article will talk about integrating Open exchange rates on your website. An example integration is available on the B2C Samplestore website.


The integration with the Nemesis platform is pretty straight-forward. Upon adding the module in the classpath,


you will have access to several new properties you can use to customize its behaviour. All of them are located under the nemesis.currency.openexchangerates domain. Please consult the Open exchange rates documentation on what they mean and how to use them. You will also get a fully configured cronjob that executes according to the nemesis.currency.openexchangerates.update-cron-trigger property (default is every midnight) and syncs the currency exchange rates information.


Name Type Description


The appId to use for authentication.



The cron trigger expression when to sync exchange rates information. By default is midnight.