The basic recommedation features lay in the commerce module of the Nemesis platform (upselling, crosselling, etc.). These recommendations are manually pre-defined.

The recommendation module comes a step ahead. It can be easily connected to a 3rd party recommendation server. Based on the tracked user’s behaviour, you can recommend certain products to be bought - either by upselling or by crosselling them.

The default behavior is an in-house implementation which by given product code returns an descending ordered list of top rated products which corresponds to the product’s category set.

Detailed description of default Recommendation logic

The default implementation is as follows: By given product code this module will return top rated products which correspond to the categories of selected product. Only a predefined amount of products are returned, sorted by rating in descending order.

Any further modifications are allowed to be made by the client by extending the default implementation and providing a custom one.


The integration with the Nemesis platform is pretty straight-forward - just add the module in your classpath: