The module’s integration allows you to store the chosen website assets, taking advantage of the popular Microsoft Azure service. A sample integration of Microsoft Azure within a site has alredy been developed and is available on the B2C Samplestore website.




The integration with the Nemesis Platform is pretty straight-forward. Upon adding the module in the classpath, you will have access to several new properties you can use to properly configure the connection to Azure.

All of orioerties are located under the domain. Please, for further details and customizations, consult the Azure documentation.

The Azure module provides implementation of the AzureFileStorageService, extending the AbstractFileStorageService. The further implementation goes to the FileStorageService:

asciidoctor diagram AzureFileStorageService

The developed functionalities come in handy when you need to

  • upload,

  • read

  • or delete

files from the sotrage.

For more details. please refer to the links above.

Please, pay attention that the Microsoft Azure Blob storage does not provide notion for folders! All blobs are listed under a container. If you want to keep folder-like structure you should name your files with the folder path in their name (for example: /myfolder1/myfolder2/test.jpg).


Name Type Description


The account key for Microsoft Azure.


The account name for Microsoft Azure.


The container name for Microsoft Azure.