Nemesis Maven Plugin

The Nemesis Maven Plugin is quite useful when you develop with the nemesis platform. To use it simply declare it inside your pom.xml like this:


where the configuration parameters specify the connection to your database. After that you should be able to use it with the following goals:

mvn nemesis:init-schema

Exports the database schema in a .sql file

mvn nemesis:init-db

Performs platform initialization.

mvn nemesis:update-schema

Updates the database schema in a .sql file

mvn nemesis:update-db

Perform platform update.

mvn nemesis:init-search

Export all content catalogs to search server.

mvn nemesis:sync

Synchronize platform catalogs.

mvn nemesis:import

Imports a csv file specified with the -Dfilename property

mvn nemesis:repair-db

Repair platform database (repairs all invalid flyway migrations)