The Samplestore Archetype

The Nemesis Archetype allows you to easily create projects that use the Nemesis Platform. The archetype is designed as a maven-based application that can be fully customized. It is your choice whether to start from scratch or build your project on top of our sample stores.

Where to start from

If you are new to the platform and want to start customizing the application, start from the Getting started guide.

In case you are not familiar with the Nemesis platform, go the Platform section of the documentation.

Explore our SampleStores' User Guides

To take a closer look at what our demo stores look like, go to the B2C, B2B and CMS sections.

Visit the SampleStores

To visit the Nemesis samplestore sites directly, click on the type of store you are interested in: B2C, B2B, CMS